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    Choosing Your DJ · Event Planning · On-Line Planning · Professional Hosts
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    Choosing a DJ for your function is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the success of your party. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music isn't good, the party will fizzle. Think for a second about weddings you've been to in the past. Most people don't remember what the flowers looked like, or what the food tasted like, or even what colors the couple used for decorating - but EVERYONE remembers whether or not they had a good time! That responsibility falls directly on our shoulders. It's our job to make sure EVERYONE has a great time from the age of 7-70!! We accomplish this through a variety of methods, read on to lean more of how we can help you make the most memorable day of your life PERFECT!

    Our full time staff of DJ's have a HUGE advantage over almost every other DJ service around. Our guys are able to work FULL TIME as DJ's. Many of them are in front of different crowds of people 5-6 nights per week! What does this do for you? It gives you a professional DJ who knows how to entertain your crowd. Our DJ's are able to pull from over 20 years of total experience. When you combine that with their own ideas, experiences and energy - you've got the perfect combination for your party!! Don't be fooled by "part-time" DJ's. A part-time DJ will treat you as a part-time client. Do you really want that? Can you really trust that? Trust Ultimate Entertainment to give you REAL full time attention, all the time!
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