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    Choosing Your DJ · Event Planning · On-Line Planning · Professional Hosts
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    Are you more of a do-it-yourselfer? Through our On-Line Planning Service, we will create a password protected page just for you!! You can access the page any time you like. From your personal web page you can:
    Supply us with a complete list of your wedding party announcements!
    Explore our extensive music library for the songs you want, such as:
    • Priority requests
    • General requests
    • Songs you couldn't find that you would like
    • Songs you DON'T WANT played
    Let us know any other special announcements or events you want to take place during any of the following:
    • Grand entrance
    • Couple entrance
    • Blessing instructions
    • Toast instructions
    • Centerpiece giveaway
    • Dinner music
    • Cake cutting
    • Bouquet toss
    • Garter toss
    • Dollar dance
    • Your ideas are always welcome!
    You have complete access to our On-Line Planning Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are notified EVERY TIME you make any changes so our records always match yours! We want EVERYONE to have a great time at your reception. Now you can even have your family and friends log into their own password protected page and make requests! There is much more on our personal planning site.
    All information, pictures, and files contained on the Ultimate Entertainment site are the sole
    property of Ultimate Entertainment. Any reproduction of any information on this site is
    prohibited without the written permission of Ultimate Entertainment. Thank you.