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    Oh how times have changed!! When Ultimate Entertainment was founded, CD's were just starting to become popular for mobile DJ's. Now, it's all about the computer! Our mobile systems our outfitted with the best quality computer driven systems available.

    Each of our mobile systems use three 750 Gb Hard Drives--two of which are constantly working together--the third is a back-up which can be ready to go in minutes if there was a problem. We have 2 primary programs.

    Our DJ Program is a professional quality system that is used in major large city night clubs on a regular basis all over the world:
    • It allows us to mix music together just like people experience in a large dance club. This is a little trick used by DJ's to keep people dancing! Plus your own CD's are always welcome too!
    Our Karaoke Program is truly the best in the industry:
    • We can digitally adjust the pitch of the song up to 10 steps in either direction
      Since it's computer based, the songs never skip
      We can play karaoke roulette! It's a great party game where the computer just generates a random song and whatever comes up - you sing!!
    We send Professional Grade Digital wireless microphones to every event to make sure people will hear you during your toast. Our computer controlled lighting system ensures that the dance floor is always bathed in light to make your dancing experience even better!
    All information, pictures, and files contained on the Ultimate Entertainment site are the sole
    property of Ultimate Entertainment. Any reproduction of any information on this site is
    prohibited without the written permission of Ultimate Entertainment. Thank you.